The Shiloh NFL Pick Pool Site

Last Updated:  01/10/2011


Each Week you pick the winner of each NFL game. You receive one point for every correct selection. The player with the most points that week receives $10. In the case of a tie, the tied contestants would break the tie by their score the following week. This continues until the tie is broken.

There is also a perfect week prize or the Dave Jolly prize. Each week $5 is put aside for this prize. If someone gets a perfect week, they get to keep all of the money in the pot. This will be a continual prize from year to year.

The top players at the end of the season will receive monetary prizes, according to the number of contestants this year. The prize amounts will be posted after Week 1. If there is a tie at the end of the season, The tie-breaker will be the first week of the playoffs and will continue until the tie is broken.

The entry fee is $20. This must be paid before the kickoff of the first game of the regular season. If there are any questions contact John at (920) 606-4771 or use the E-mail link in the menu.

Previous Champions
1997   Brenda Snow 
1998Jim Shafman163
1999Mouse Van Norman   162
2000Dennis Kreiser166
2001Brad Schreiner167
2002Mark Krueger162
2003Mouse Van Norman177
2004Kevin Neubert174
2005Mike Seng189
2006Ron Roffers167
2007Craig Huth179
2008Kenny Neubert175
2009Craig Huth177
2010Heather Coppens183