Last Updated:  03/18/2012

All of the entries are now in and the fees accounted for.

This years prize distribution is based on a total of 66 entries, totalling $330. This is about the same a last year's pool so we will paying out down to 5 places again this year, plus the last place consolation prize.

Remember... In the case of a tie for any specific place or places, I DO NOT use a tiebreaker. The total dollar amount for the tied place or places, will be added together and then redistributed evenly amongst the tie-ees. One exception is the Consolation Prize. If there's a tie for last place, I'll kick in the extra cash to make sure that all tie-ees get their money back. It's the least I can do.

Thanks everyone for the great turnout, and your patience with the delays in the bracket entry. Good luck to all!

- Big D.

2012 Prize Distribution
1st Place     $130
2nd Place$75
3rd Place$50
4th Place$40
5th Place$30
Consolation Prize
(Last Place)