9.1 Channels

Channels on Battle.net can be either public or private. In private ones there will usually exist an operator who has some extra commands at his/her disposal and can thus kick or ban people from the channel. For a list of such operator commands, see chapter 9.2.

Below is a list of all Diablo related public channels, most will be listed when you press the "CHANNEL" button while on Battle.net. In addition to that list, the last channel you visited before entering a game or the starting channel when logging on, whether public or private, will appear at the bottom of the list. There are of course many other public channels related to other Blizzard games, but as this is a Diablo Guide, they will not be covered here.

Channel1 Information
Blizzard Tech Support Moderated channel. Only Blizzard can see any text that is not whispered.
Open Tech Support  
Diablo Retail  
Beginners Only  
Town Square  
Trading Post  
Adventures Wanted  
Bounty Hunters  
Guild Recruitment  
Guild Members  
Warriors Arena Only open for warriors.
Rogues Gallery Only open for rogues.
Sorcerers Tower Only open for sorcerers.
Veterans lounge (L20+) Only open for characters of clvl 20 and above.
The Black Lodge (L30+) Only open for characters of clvl 30 and above.
Hell's Caretakers (L40+) Only open for characters of clvl 40 and above.
The Void2 If you are kicked or banned from a channel, this is where you end up.
Diablo Retail XXX-#2,3 Default starting channels, where XXX is a country code and # is a number.
Diablo Shareware #2 Default starting channels for the shareware version, where # is a number.
Clan <username>2,4 Special clan channels.
Backstage2 Restricted channel. You can normally not enter or view this channel.
1In addition to the list above, any channel name starting with Diablo Retail or Diablo Shareware will be treated as a public channel. The same is of course true for all names that are considered public channels in other games on Battle.net.
2Will not show up on the list of public channels unless it was the last channel you visited before entering a game or logging on.
3For a list of country codes, see below.
4Clan channels are special versions of private channels, see below under Clan channels for more information.

Country codes

A summary of some of the country codes (XXX in the table above) are given in the table below. The country code selected when you join Battle.net is determined by the language setting in your operating system and does not necessarily mean the country where the computer happens to be.

Country Code Country Code Country Code
Albania ALB France FRA Norway NOR
Argentina ARG Germany DEU Panama PAN
Albania ALB Great Britain GBR Paraguay PRY
Australia AUS Greece GRC Peru PER
Austria AUT Guatemala GTM Poland POL
Belgium BEL Honduras HND Portugal POR
Bolivia BOL Hungary HUN Puerto Rico PRI
Brazil BRA Indonesia IDN Rumania ROM
Bulgaria BUL Ireland IRL Russia RUS
Byelorussia BLR Iceland ISL Serbia SPB
Canada CAN Italy ITA Slovakia SVK
Czech CZE Jamaica JAM South Africa ZAF
China CHN Japan JPN Spain ESP
Chile CHL Korea KOR Sweden SWE
Colombia COL Liechtenstein LIE Switzerland CHE
Costa Rica CRI Latvia LVA Taiwan TWN
Croatia HRV Lithuania LTU Turkey TUR
Denmark DEN Luxembourg LUX Ukraine UKR
Dominican DOM Macedonia MKD United States USA
Ecuador ECU Mexico MEX Uruguay URY
El Salvador SLV The Netherlands NDL Venezuela VEN
Estonia EST New Zealand NZL    
Finland FIN Nicaragua NIC    

Clan channels

Clan channels are special versions of private channels. The name of a clan channel always begin with the word Clan followed by a username (that is an account name). The person using the account name (and thus in Diablo having a character named so), will always automatically gain operator status when joining the channel. Others can only gain operator status by the /designate command (see chapter 9.2 for more information).