8. Quests

This chapter deals with all of the quests present in Diablo and Hellfire. It only provides information on what has to be done to fulfill each quest. You have to find the best strategy for doing it yourself. Two of the quests in Hellfire are hidden quests. Chapter 1.2 provides information on how to activate them. Most quests are only available in single player mode, but some are present in both single and multi player. The table below lists each quest and the unique item (if any) you receive when you complete the quest. Normally you get it from the person who initiated the quest. Those unique items are only available in single player and information about them can be found in chapter 3.5. Note that you don't receive all quests in every game (although some are always present), as they are randomly selected for each game. For more information, see chapter 8.1.

dlvl Quest Activated by Multi player Reward
2 The Butcher Wounded Townsman Yes The Butcher's Cleaver1
2 Poisoned Water Supply Pepin   Ring of Truth
3 The Curse of King Leoric Ogden Yes The Undead Crown1
4 Gharbad the Weak Gharbad    
4 Ogden's Sign Ogden   Harlequin Crest
5 The Magic Rock Griswold   Empyrean Band
5 Valor Book   Arkaine's Valor
6 The Chamber of Bone3 Book   Guardian spell level
7 Halls of the Blind Book   Optic Amulet
8 Zhar the Mad Zhar the Mad    
9 Black Mushroom Adria   Spectral Elixir
9 Slain Hero4 n/a    
10 Anvil of Fury Griswold   Griswold's Edge
13 Warlord of Blood Book    
14 Lachdanan Lachdanan   Veil of Steel
15 Archbishop Lazarus Cain the Elder Yes  
16 Diablo Cain the Elder Yes Dot2
Town Farmer's Orchard Lester the Farmer Yes7 Auric Amulet
Town The Jersey's Jersey5 Complete Nut Yes7 Bovine Plate
Town Little Girl5 Little Girl Yes7  
H4 The Defiler The Defiler Yes7 Cathedral Map
Town Grave Matters Gillian Yes7  
C1 Cornerstone of the World6 You Yes7  
C1-3 Torn Notes6 Torn Notes Yes7 Reconstructed Note
C4 Na-Krul Na-Krul Yes7  
1In multi player you receive a random magic item instead.
2You receive 1 dot if you kill Diablo on normal difficulty, 2 dots if you kill him on nightmare difficulty and 3 dots if you kill him on hell difficulty. The only place where you can see your dots is Battle.net.
3Appears in every single player game.
4Not really a quest but appropriate to list here.
5Hidden quests, see chapter 1.2 for information on how to activate them.
6Never shows up in the Quest Log.
7I think all Hellfire quests are also present in multi player.