3.3 Quest items

In the table below is listed all the various special items you will find in various quests (with the exception of the ear and the heart). They will only appear in single player and have no purposes outside the specific quest. As for the special reward items you get from various quests, they are all found in the chapter 3.5.

Item in Diablo Quest Item in Hellfire1 Quest
Anvil of Fury Anvil of Fury Brown Suit The Jersey's Jersey
Black Mushroom Black Mushroom Cathedral Map Grave Matters
Blood Stone2 Valor Grey Suit The Jersey's Jersey
Brain Black Mushroom Reconstructed Note Torn Notes
Ear3 n/a Rune Bomb Farmer's Orchard
Fungal Tome Black Mushroom Theodore Little Girl
Golden Elixir Lachdanan Torn Note 1 Torn Notes
Heart3,4 n/a Torn Note 2 Torn Notes
Magic Rock The Magic Rock Torn Note 3 Torn Notes
Spectral Elixir Black Mushroom    
Staff of Lazarus Archbishop Lazarus    
Tavern Sign Ogden's Sign    
1All quest items in Diablo are also present in Hellfire.
2There are three of them.
3Adria will buy ears and hearts. Their buying price is equal to the clvl of the character they belonged to.
4An ear turns into a heart if you identify it. It will always return into an ear in the next game.