2.4 Skills

Each character class has a skill it can perform. For most classes, the skill improves as they gain levels. The various skills are summarized below.

Warrior: Repair items (as your level goes up the durability loss decreases).
Rogue: Disarm traps (as your Dexterity goes up the chance of successfully disarming the trap increases).
Sorcerer: Recharge staves (as your level goes up the charge loss decreases).
Monk: Search.
Bard: Identify.
Barbarian: Rage (as your level goes up, the improvement in stats during the rage is higher but so is the penalty during the lethargy phase).
The skill of the Warrior works in the following way:
1. if current durability is equal to max durability, exit
2. x = 0
3. add (clvl + Rnd[clvl]) to x
4. y = [MaxDur/(clvl+9)], if less than 1 set to 1
5. decrease MaxDur by y
6. if x + CurDur < MaxDur, goto 3.
7. CurDur = MaxDur
If max durability ever reaches 0, the item is of course destroyed.
The skill of the Rogue works in the following way:
1. x = 2·Dex - 5·dlvl
2. if x > Rnd[100], trap is disarmed
The skill of the Sorcerer works in the following way:
1. if current charges is equal to max charges or max charges is equal to 0, exit
2. x = Rnd[clvl/qlvl(book)] + 1
3. decrease MaxChrg by 1
4. add x to CurChrg
5. if CurChrg < MaxChrg, goto 3.
6. CurChrg = MaxChrg
It seems strange that it is not the qlvl of the spell on a staff, and I wonder what happens for a spell like resurrect where the qlvl value is -1. Any information about this is appreciated.
The skill of the Monk is identical to the spell with the same name.
The skill of the Bard is identical to the spell with the same name.
The skill of the Barbarian works in the following way:
1. For 12 seconds it adds: 2·clvl to Strength and Vitality and 1.5·clvl to Dexterity.
2. For 12 more seconds, during a lethargy phase, it decreases Strength, Dexterity and Vitality by the same amount (counted from normal values).
3. Afterwards you lose 2·Vit life. There is a bug however so if you click on any item in your inventory your life is restored.